Branding & Web Design for Supplement Brand


Webestica studio


Horseheads, NY, 14845

release date

May 4, 2021

Brand guidelines, product packaging and an ecommerce website built on Shopify

There are few industries that are extremely saturated, with the supplement industry being one of the most saturated. It was important for the Primal Pharm brand to stand out from others within the space while targeting a specific group of customers that were underserved. Primal Pharm approached us with the problem of developing an identity for the brand, and using that identity to help design both the product packaging as well as a full website build.

  • We identified a group of individuals that would benefit from Primal Pharm's product, but was also a niche demographic of people that were not being targeted by a competitor.
  • We developed brand guidelines to help craft the ideal customer and brand persona.
  • Utilizing the brand guidelines, we designed the product labels to further appeal to the target demographic.
  • We built a website from the ground up utilizing the colors, mood and tone defined in the brand guidelines.

The team as Primal Pharm was meticulous about their goals and we worked every step of the way to help craft their brand's personality that was a reflection of the company's founders, taking inspiration from their passion for martial arts and fitness. The website was instantly well received within their target audience with conversion rates consistently above 4%. We provided guidance on next steps including how to manage social media platforms, potential merchandise concepts and opportunities for additional product lines.