Full Service Digital Marketing for Martial Arts Gym


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Costa Mesa


Costa Mesa, California

release date

July 3, 2023

Establish a profitable revenue stream by driving inbound leads with a high ROI.

It's hard for almost all of our clients to not only be the best at what they do, but also learn the intricacies of building a functional, highly converting website while managing their social media accounts, marketing, and all the other facets of owning a small business with very little room for hiring on staff to take on these roles.

With 10th Planet Costa Mesa, a jiu jitsu gym located in Costa Mesa, California, we were tasked with helping assist with their entire marketing strategy to drive inbound leads. The problem? There was no website. The Facebook Business Account was in shambles from all the past students fiddling with it. Integrations were non-existent. Their CRM was not being utilized to the max. And no one knew who had access to what.

  • We began the process with a complete website build. Using a clean slate, we created content including video, photos and copy for the classes, instructors, facility and schedule pages.
  • We integrated their CRM with the website and reviewed and offered suggestions on how to improve it.
  • We created a list of everyone who had access to the Facebook accounts to repair the damage done to the business account.
  • We filmed and edited video creatives with a compelling offer.
  • We developed and implemented an advertising strategy on Facebook and Instagram to drive new leads.

As a result, the gym started receiving leads at a cost of $55 per lead which is a phenomenal rate considered the industry standard for the fitness space being at $69 per lead. The offer included a free trial class, so no additional bonuses or incentives were offered to entice potential customers from filling out the lead forms. However, it became immediately apparent there was a lack of traditional sales skills present at the gym and so we crafted and trained the gym staff on how to nurture these leads into paying customers. The closing rate shot up from 5% to 40% resulting in a 10x Return on investment.