Full Service Digital Marketing for Online Seafood Retailer


Riviera Seafood Cub


Los Angeles, California

release date

August 25, 2022

Complete website rebuild and marketing strategy and implementation.

2020 came in with a bang. Sales for online retailers, especially for the grocery category, shot up like crazy. Riviera Seafood Club was no different. What began as a small side project for a family of a fish mongers in Southern California, and with a little push from some well-known social media influencers recognizing the insane quality of their seafood, Riviera Seafood Club blew up. If they did so well, why did they need us? Great question! Their website, although capable of taking orders, was not setup to manage inventory efficiently considering they were selling seafood in various weights from 8oz to 4lbs with frozen and fresh variants. If someone bought 4lbs, how could their system automatically deduct 8 pieces of 8oz portions of that fish? Secondly, the website was not user friendly by any means. And lastly, they were not capitalizing on their growing customer database for email, sms or retargeting ads.

  • We immediately fixed operational issues that were creating lost and missing orders.
  • We also immediately rebuilt the website (temporarily) to resolve customer usability issues.
  • Expanded sales from in state only to Nationwide including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Assisted in developing packaging to maintain cold tempuratures during transit.
  • Setup a warehouse management system and trained the staff on how to efficiently use the software
  • Provided guidance and training on how to setup and manage their warehouse and inventory
  • Properly rebuilt the website with integrations to the warehouse management system
  • Setup email and sms marketing platforms
  • Implemented a Facebook / Instagram ad strategy
  • Implemented a Google ad strategy
  • Setup and maintained an Amazon web store with integrations to the warehouse management software
  • Established a social media influencer strategy

Even with the ease of lockdown restrictions, where online grocers saw a 30% or more collapse in gross revenues, Riviera Seafood Club grew from a small online retailer to a notable player in the field with advertising return on ad spend averaging 7X with peak season hitting close to 10X and email/SMS marketing driving 40% of gross revenues. Riviera has since become a staple in many homes across the nation and continues to grow and expand.