Lead Generation for Micro Gym


F45 Gym


Orange County, California

release date

October 6, 2021

Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive and nurture leads with sales consultations to improve closing rate..

With 1000's of micro gyms across the nations struggling to compete against well-known brands such as 24 Hour Fitness, it's important for micro gyms to stand out for their ability to hyper personalize fitness solutions for their clients. Although a fantastic small gym, F45 was losing clients faster than they were gaining new ones. We were tasked with identify sources of low cost leads local to their geographical area to help drive new clients to the door.

  • We setup and implemented Facebook and Instagram targeted ads to drive traffic to the website
  • We created several highly optimized landing pages to drive website traffic into leads
  • We created a series of ad creatives based on content provided by the client to generate high click through rates.

Using Facebook and Instagram advertising that was highly targeted to their typical customer profile, F45 saw a massive spike in leads within the first week of running campaigns. Through further optimization over the course of several months and A/B testing ad creatives and landing page formats, we drove over 200 leads within the first 3 months using an ad budget of $3000 per month, and a CPL of $44. F45 was able to convert 20% of those leads into paying customers, resulting in a 10X ROI based on 12 months of paid membership dues.