Reservation & Ticketing Systems for Restaurant & Lounge


Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge


Seal Beach, California

release date

September 17, 2021

Website Redesign with Reservation and Event Ticketing Integrations

A large restaurant with various sections and a unique dining situation, including a live entertainment lounge and Sunday brunch, Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge was struggling to find an out of the box solution to help their staff effectively manage all areas of their restaurant. Online reservations service providers such as Yelp and Opentable were unable to handle the complex seating arrangements, nor handle online tickets for live music. Both the live ticketing software and the reservation service providers were extremely expensive, eating into their profitability. We were tasked with finding a seamless solution where customer data, transactions and reservations all took place on their website while being able to retarget to past customers.

  • We did a thorough deep dive into any and all reservation system platforms
  • We did a thorough deep dive into any and all ticketing system platforms
  • From there, we identified a CMS that could best integrate both systems onto one website platform.
  • We setup and integrated an email marketing platform to retarget past customers
  • We trained the host and wait staff, as well as provide ongoing support for each software.

The new systems were a complete change for everyone at the restaurant and received initial pushback from some employees. However, after a couple weeks of ironing out a few kinks and tweaking a few settings, the restaurant has taken full control over each section of the restaurant, while giving more power to their customers on which areas they would like to be seated. Integrations were completed with Google's reservation system, along with instant client satisfaction reports and automated Yelp and Goole review requests from happy customers. The ticketing software was a vast improvement over the previous platform and is now fully integrated with the website and email marketing platforms. The email marketing platform now generates a substantial stream of revenue that previously either did not exist or was not able to be tracked. And best of all, the client saved several thousand dollars each month in software fees.