Founder Director

Ash Durant

Expert in Marketing and Business Development
Ash Durant

Ash is an experienced CEO, Managing Partner, and Entrepreneur with a proven track record in various industries including Direct to Consumer (DTC) verticals, B2B, automotive, finance, and mortgage. With a successful history of managing and directing advertising campaigns worth over $100 million, he specializes in an Omni-channel marketing approach within the DTC market.

As a direct response and digital brand expert, he has spearheaded some of the largest direct response campaigns in the country. He has a strong background in creating successful sales processes and has built three of the largest outbound centers on the West Coast.

Additionally, he has made strategic investments in multiple start-ups and played a pivotal role in their establishment. Throughout his career, he has actively built businesses and contributed to their development, taking them from conception to highly scaled operations with over 500 employees and $500mm+ in revenue.

With a keen eye for identifying inefficiencies, he excels in devising and implementing solutions that drive massive growth and significantly boost revenue. Specializing in general management, business operations, and marketing, he possesses a broad skill set encompassing business analytics, strategy, sales, data infrastructure, marketing, negotiation, and more. He has a talent for optimizing bottom-line performance and scaling revenue through effective planning and execution.

His other specialties include business development, corporate development, new media, product and brand management, recruitment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), ad operations, content, operations, finance and accounting, and entrepreneurship. With a solid foundation in operational planning, marketing strategy, finance, and people management, he is well-equipped to tackle multifaceted challenges and drive organizational success.

Ash is always open to new opportunities, collaborations, and networking with like-minded professionals in the start-up space. Connect with him to explore the possibilities and unlock your growth potential.